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    Tax Free Shopping

    You never have to go far to shop on your Grand Cayman vacation. In addition to the shops in town, there are many small malls which have restaurants, liquor and gift shops. Cayman is a duty-free Caribbean destination which means many exciting opportunities for you to save on such things as watches, china and crystal, perfumes and fine jewelry--including authentic treasure coin jewelry--on Grand Cayman and at a few stores on Cayman Brac. Prices on perfume, watches and select luxury items may be as much as 30% less expensive on your Cayman Islands vacation.

    In addition to traditional duty free selections, varied and interesting shopping--from chic European fashions to outstanding local art--delights visitors in specialty stores, hotel boutiques and shopping plazas. If what you’re really looking for is local art and collectibles, a growing interest led to the opening of art and craft galleries featuring local and Caribbean art. You will be surprised by our selection of interesting , unusual and local items that await your shopping experience. From shell jewelry to blended rums from the Tortuga Rum Company and Seven Fathoms Rum, finding such items is just a short stroll from the cruise ship dock in George Town.

    Cayman Facts 13/30 : Currency


    Cayman Islands currency


    The Cayman Islands Dollar (currency code KYD) is the currency of the Cayman Islands. It is abbreviated with the dollar sign $, or alternatively CI$ to distinguish it from other dollar-denominated currencies. It is subdivided into 100 cents. It is the 9th-highest-valued currency unit in the world and the highest-valued dollar unit. The Cayman Islands dollar was introduced in 1972, replacing the Jamaican dollar at par. Jamaican currency and Cayman Islands then remained both legal tender until August 1, 1972 when Jamaican currency ceased to be legal tender. The Cayman Islands dollar has been pegged to the United States dollar at 1 Cayman Islands dollar = 1.2 U.S. dollars since April 1, 1974.

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    Cayman Facts 10/30 : Tax and Duty-Free Shopping

    Many luxury items in the Cayman Islands are duty-free, meaning that these items are much cheaper than anywhere in the United States, Canada or Europe. There is also no direct taxation on any individuals or companies in Cayman, so no sales tax on any of your purchases. In addition to being tax and duty-free, Cayman is also a special shopping institution for most brands in that they set their Caribbean prices below US retail prices to offer even greater savings to vacation shoppers.

    Stroll the storefronts of George Town and you'll find some of the best duty-free shops anywhere in the Caribbean. You'll find a good selection of traditional duty free items such as watches, china and crystal, perfumes and fine jewelery-including authentic treasure coin jewelery - on Grand Cayman and at a few stores on Cayman Brac. Prices on perfume, watches and select luxury items may be as much as 30% cheaper here. Grand Cayman is also home to one of the widest and highest quality selections of  loose and set diamonds. Be sure to check out the amazing array of quality luxury goods.

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